Friday, 13 October 2017

Nugent's Regiment of Horse

Nugent's Regiment of Horse in French service, previously known as Sheldon's and later became FitzJames Regiment of Horse. 28mm WSS figures from Front Rank Figurines with flag by Maverick Flags.

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Monday, 2 October 2017

Crimean War Russian Artillery

More 28mm Crimean War artillery, figures by Wargames Foundry

The ECW conference was excellent, with many interesting papers being presented. Unfortunately Dr Abbiss was unavailable and as a consequence the paper: Warfare in the Wilderness: Indian War 1688 wasn't presented, which was a great shame as I was personally looking forward to this presentation as inspiration for potential gaming. However, the papers presented on the day were inspirational enough and have certainly given me pause for thought when considering certain aspects of the period. These conferences are an excellent day out, details of future events can be found on the Helion Publishing website or Facebook page. 
At the conference I picked up a copy of No Armour But Courage, Colonel George Lisle 1615-1648, by Serena Jones, published by Helion as part of the Century of the Soldier 1618-1721 series. I'm part way through this book and it is proving to be fascinating read. If you're not familiar with this series there are some very interesting publications; a couple which have caught my eye are On Gladsmuir Shall The Battle Be! The Battle of Prestonpans 1745 by Arran Johnston, and The Bavarian Army During the Thirty Years War, 1618-1648. The Backbone of The Catholic League, by Laurence Spring (one of the speakers at the conference). 

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Century of the Soldier

Tomorrow I'll be heading off across the border to Shrewsbury to attend the Century of the Soldier conference. Really looking forward to the series of papers being presented, and an enjoyable day out.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Servants of Ra

Something of a departure from my usual stuff, a starter company: The Servants of Ra for the Steam Punk skirmish game In Her Majesty's Name available from NorthStar Miniatures

As usual I'm more than a little late to the party in taking up this game or anything on 'trend'. I've had the miniatures in the lead pile since they were released, and lovely as they are I had no immediate drive to paint them up. Something of a shiny brain purchase! My recent motivation to paint them stems from the establishment of a small local gaming group which will hopefully grow now that we have found a "free" location, yes "free", from small acorns and such.....we will see!

The figures really are a nice little set, lovely castings that paint up a treat. The starter company consists of Professor Abdul Abulbul Abir, described as a fanatical Turkish Egyptologist. It was this character that drew me to this faction as it appealed to my degree in Archaeology and History. Also included is the reincarnated spirit of Akhenaton; the Professors beautiful daughter Sairah, a Mummified Priest and the all important cultists of Akhenaton. I particularly like the cultists which are suitably menacing minions that would grace any pulp genre game.

And so, Akhenaton's plans for world domination begin.....

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Crimean War Russian Cossack Artilery

First set of artillery for the Crimean War Russians. These are 28mm Cossack artillery from Wargames Foundry.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Crimean War Russian Infantry

I've finished the Crimean War Russian foot, 8 regiments of 24 figures. These are all 28mm Ebor Miniatures with Venners flags. I think this was quite possibly the quickest set of figures I've painted, managing to do them in 48 figure batches. The painting style has been kept simple, though I'm pondering whether I should have gone for a shiny gloss varnish instead of matt. Still varnishing decision aside I'm pleased with the outcome as I think they look pretty impressive on mass. 

The history behind this project is firmly rooted in the acquisition of some Crimean War British that were going cheap, this eventually led me to looking for some Russians and I settled on Ebor Miniatures because of the value for money, especially as this was an accidental project.....sort of. I did however get into a lengthy discussion with PayPal who kindly froze my account over a payment for the Crimean War British that I ordered. Despite explaining at great length that the reference was in connection with a mid 19th century conflict and concerned toy soldiers, I was informed that the transaction was in breach of the trade embargo. Eventually a photo of the embargoed goods cleared the situation up. So from this international arms dealer come sanction buster.....who ever said this hobby wasn't interesting....until next time...

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sherman FURY - WWII US forces begin

I've been slightly sidetracked into painting some WWII American forces for Bolt Action after my youngest showed a keen interest in a Sherman tank model that I'd just finished (pictures below). The model is 1/56 scale from Die Waffenkammer. I've painted up some of the support options and have started assembling Warlord Games plastic infantry. The only thing that's bugging me at the moment is the whereabouts of a box of metal figures that I've misplaced; I suspect they'll turn up when all the infantry have been painted!

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