Monday, 5 December 2016

Walls and Gates

Just a selection of some MDF terrain pieces I've picked up. These are a mix of gates, walls and pillars   for 28mm scale from Warbases. I've added some 28mm Spanish Napoleonic from Eagle Figures for scale. The options I got were tall walls and low walls with railings.

These are nice kits, relatively easy to put together, I added a card strip under the gates so that they can be used open or closed rather than glue them in position.  I intend to paint the set up once I can get round to picking up some tester pots from a DIY store.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Galatian Warriors

15mm Galatians Warriors for my Successors project. Figures are from the War and Empire range by Forged in Battle. These are not taking long to paint at all, I've started basing another 14 units ranging from Seleucid Elephants, Scythed Chariots, Thureophoroi, Successor Agema, Greek Peltasts, Pikemen and more Romans. So expect lots of 15mm figures to feature throughout December, as well as a little surprise later in the month on the run up to Christmas (if I can get pictures sorted).

These larger bases are designed to represent 'deep' units in To The Strongest, and will work equally well for Hail Caesar. I've never been much of a fan of the standard WRG element bases, finding them too small and fiddly for my liking and making irregular troops look too regimented. I've always admired the dioramas created by Impetus gamers, However, where Impetus bases tend to use fewer figures,  for my own bases I've often chosen to go with lots of figures on a single larger base. I'm happy with the way this base has turned out, could probably get away with fewer figures, but I wanted a dense looking mass of wild charging Galatians. Another thing I like about these larger bases is, due to its size I'm more likely to handle the base rather than the figures when moving, and it'll also make movement quicker as well.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Spanish Guerillas

My Spanish Napoleonic forces continue to grow, and I feel any Peninsula skirmish set needs certain troops, one is definitely some Spanish Guerillas. These are 28mm from Eagle Figures, painted simply and with a gloss finish. I particularly like the three character miniatures, Senora,  Priest and Guerilla leader. More are needed to make up an effective fighting force in Sharp Practice 2, and they are currently on the painting table.

Apologies for the shadows on the pictures, I have very little opportunity at the moment to take pictures and have to go with whatever light I have when I get a chance to take some snaps. I've taken the view something is better than nothing .....

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


A couple of units of Thracians, 15mm figures from the Forged in Battle ancients range War & Empire. These will add a little variety to my Successor armies. The figures were bought as part of a Kickstarter pledge, and they are nice clean castings. The painting style, like all my 15mm ancients is quick and simple with the sole aim of getting armies on the table.
I'm really enjoying painting 15mm at the moment, progress is very quick so I get a nice feeling of accomplishment. I don't think my 28mm painting has suffered too much as a result, in a strange way it's given me extra enthusiasm. My mind does keep wandering back to thoughts of 6mm as a consequence, just a case of picking the right project (something to ponder for the new year).

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

GrandManner Spanish Peninsula Building

The start of the latest batch of GrandManner buildings, this time as part of my Sharp Practice Peninsula project. All the pieces I'll be painting up were part of the discontinued sale run earlier in the year, and as I have plane for several Spanish/Mediterranean projects they were a must have purchase even if a little unplanned at the time. My first thoughts centre around the Napoleonic wars in the Peninsula, though I also have a hankering to do Carlist Wars and the Spanish Civil Wars (but not for some time yet).

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Pompey's Legions

More 15mm Caesarian Romans from Baueda Wargames. These will form part of Pompey's Legions.
I've added pictures with the Romans from the earlier post so that the armies can be seen as they grow. Although initial thoughts are to create two armies to fight the civil wars, they can and will be merged to face Rome's external enemies, lots of figures and big battles.

Each base represents a single unit for To the Strongest, I'm even thinking of Big Base DBA.

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