Tuesday 29 September 2015

Help please - Coat colour 1864 Dane

It appears that I have made an error in the colour used for the overcoat on the previous post. The images I used looked dark blue, however I forgot to take my mild colour blindness into consideration as I felt confident I had got it right.
I would very much appreciate it if a kind reader could verify the colour of the over coat used by Danish infantry in 1864. I will then repainted the figure and update the palette used and add new pictures to the blog.

Monday 28 September 2015

North Star 1864 Dane

This post has been delayed following slight technical issues (couldn't find the battery charger for the camera! Panic over and photos taken).

After taking advantage of the kind offer of a free sample figure for the new 1864 range by North Star Miniatures, I thought it only polite to paint it up as quickly as possible.
I've had an interest in the Schleswig-Holstein Wars now for a number of years following the publication of The First Schleswig-Holstein War 1848-50 by Nick Svendsen in 2008, having acquired my copy in 2009 with the paperback reprint. The figures offered by North Star are of course for the Second war in 1864, but my interest was not dampened by this fact.

First impressions were that the figure sent is an absolutely lovely sculpt, and fits well with the Prussians from the existing North Star 1866 range (below are some size comparison shots with a Prussian, Dane and Austrian infantryman from North Star).

The colours I've used to paint the figure in are all Foundry paints as follows -

French Blue  76A and 76B - Coat and Hat.
Bay Brown 42A - straps, flap on bag, boots.
Canvas 8B and 8C - Body of bag.
Slate Grey 32B - scarf.
Conker Brown 54A and B - back pack.
Spearshaft 13A and 13C - hair and shoes on back pack.
Tan 14A - bottle.
Bronze Barrel 103C - buttons, bands on gun.
Expert Flesh 127A, B, C and D - face and hands.
Musket Stock Brown 72B - gun.
Night Sky 62A and 62B - trousers.
Scarlet 38B - dot on hat badge.
Gun Metal 104B - Gun barrel and bottle top.

I also used Army Painter Quick shade strong tone ink. The ink was used following the application of the first colour on face, hands, hair and back pack. All other colours are flat with no highlight (with the exception of Canvas 8C on the bottom the bag. The hands and face were highlighted following inking with Expert Flesh shades 127A, B, C and D. A quick highlight was also added to the hair, back pack and the shoes on the back pack (not strictly necessary but couldn't resist it!). All the black is left unshaded.

This style of painting is following the gaming standard I've set for my 1860s project, the rules are to keep the painting as basic as possible while still achieving what I consider to be acceptable results. This is easy to do with dark colours, the challenge will come with the Austrians. So far I'm pleased with the results and look forward to getting the finished units on the table.

As for North Star 1864 Danes being worth getting, the verdict from this gamer is a resounding YES, I will certainly be placing an order and look forward to further additions to the range.

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1864 Dane



1866 Austrian and 1864 Dane

1864 Dane and 1866 Prussian

Friday 18 September 2015

1866 Prussians

The start of my 1860s project. First up are the Prussians, 28mm figures from North Star 1866 range (though I'm not sure if these have returned to Helion Company, but they are available on the North Star site).

These are lovely figures to paint. A bit of a departure here, I've decided to go slightly Old School in my approach, painting is basic with no highlighting (except for faces and hands), gloss varnish and based individually (on 20mm bases). This will permit skirmish gaming (possibly using Sharp Practice and the amendments in the Too Fat Lardies 2010 Christmas Special)  and small games of Black Powder. The advantage of this approach to painting is that I can get units finished very quickly and following the 3ft rule I think they should pass muster. In addition I think that black that hasn't been highlighted looks better glossed rather than matt.
Importantly I'm determined to have less lead in the pile an more on the table.

The flags are from Victorian Steel, and are very nice (poceeds from sales go to Combat Stress) well worth a look to see if anything takes your fancy, the rules look pretty good as well (I've got a copy but have yet to try them out).


Initial Plans are -

Prussians - 4 units of 24 figures, 1 unit of 12 cavalry and 1 artillery piece.

At the moment I'm looking at possibly adding Saxons as well.

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2nd West Prussia

1st West Prussia

Movement Trays from Warbases (before and after)

 Prussian Commander

Wednesday 16 September 2015

North Star 1864 Danes

Exciting news if you are interested in the Second Schleiswig-Holstein War; North Star have announced the release of 1864 Danes, infantry and artillery figures. I hope they will consider cavalry at some point in the near future.
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a sample figure, which I will immediately paint up and post pictures on the blog, together with a North Star 1866 Prussian for comparison.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Carry On and Keep Gaming

Apologies for the lack of posts of late, personal and health issues have meant that I haven't had much time to give to the blog.

I will create some posts around my collection, hopefully some Greek Hoplites and ECW. In the meantime I have been looking at the Austro-Prussian War so expect some posts on that project. Also there will be some more Achaemenid Persians appearing as I have completed my Sparabara and an interesting little vignette a while ago, just need to arrange some pictures.

Carry On and Keep Gaming.