Thursday 25 August 2016


Another new project! I have to admit though that this one has been kickstarted by the purchase of several hundred painted Zulu. I had managed one unit myself a few years ago before I became distracted with other projects. I'll show the Zulu army in another post.

The figures are all 28mm and are Empress Miniatures British infantry painted as the 24th Foot, and Warlord Games Zulus.

In common with a lot of wargamers I've always had a soft spot for the Anglo-Zulu Wars, founded almost entirely by numerous viewings of the 1964 film ZULU. In fact the most memorable part of the film for me has always been the rendition of Men of Harlech led by the talented Welsh singer and actor Ivor Emmanuel. I fondly remember one Saturday afternoon in a local pub which was full at the time (probably due to some sporting event), where every male voice belted out Men of Harlech in time with the movie that was being shown on the television in the corner of the bar. It was quite a scene as you can imagine, an early form of flash mob but completely unrehearsed (I suppose that's what happens with a pub full of Welshmen), and once the song had finished eveyone carried on as if nothing had happened, much to the bemused looks from accompanying wives, girlfriends and bar staff! It's quite amazing the influence a film can have....

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Sunday 21 August 2016

1866 Austrian Artillery and Jagar

Some new additions to the 1866 Austrians. All figures are 28mm from the North Star 1866 range.
Once again they've been given a simple paint job and a gloss varnish finish. These are lovely figures to paint, and the more I look into this period the more I'm getting drawn in.
I've also finished the Austrian Dragoons, I'll post pictures once I get round to adding a suitable flag to the unit. 

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Sunday 14 August 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - Peninsular War

Having purchased Sharp Practice 2 by the Too Fat Lardies I remembered that I had stashed away some Foundry British Napoleonics. So I retrieved them and sent off an order to Warlord Games for some Portuguese and French to add to the project. The French include figures to build a force of Polish Vistula Legion, these were added as an after thought as I found a bag of Front Rank Polish lancers.

All of this painted up and added to my GrandManner Spanish Napoleonic buildings that I'm currently working on will give me a nice set for gaming the Peninsular War with Sharp Practice 2.

I think most Wargamers are familiar with Wargames Foundry figures, and these British a peninsular figures are still very nice figures and paint up quickly.
The Portuguese are plastic figures, the first Napoleonics I've bought from Warlord Games and I have to say that they are really nice figures. The assembly is nice and simple, just add backpack and head, one figure per sprue needs an arm adding. I'm not keen on having to spend what I see as painting time assembling plastic figures, far too impatient, but these figures really are quick and easy to put together.

I'm going for a high gloss toy soldier look, these may get sprayed with matt varnish at a later date but for now I'm happy with the look.

So there we have it, the start of another project with lots to come....

The start of another project doesn't mean all my other projects will be neglected, far from it. It's just another one to add into the rotation and keeps my focus up and my painting fresh.

At the moment I'm resisting the urge to buy into Congo by Studio Tomahawk, only time will tell if I succumb.

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Wednesday 10 August 2016

WSS French Army Progress

I thought I'd post a few pictures of my WSS French army with the latest additions. It's starting to come together now, I think I need to concentrate on some cavalry units, and maybe the command. There's still lots to paint, as well as some British, so plenty of interest for those who like the War of Spanish Succession.

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Monday 8 August 2016

La Reine Dragon

Dismounted Dragoons from the regiment La Reine Dragon, two bases completed for Beneath The Lily Banners.
The figures are 28mm Front Rank figurines.

La Reine were part of the dismounted Dragoons that formed Hautefeulle's Brigade at Blenheim.

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Friday 5 August 2016

Regiment de Boulonnais

The fourth new foot battalion for my WSS French army, the Regiment de Boulonnais.
28mm Front Rank figures with homemade flag printed on cotton and painted.

The regiment served at Blenheim as part of d'Enonvilles brigade in the infantry reserve under Lieutenant General the Marquis de Marinvaux.

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Monday 1 August 2016

Palm trees

Some additions to the terrain set, this time cheap palm trees picked up on eBay and based up on mdf bases of varying size. These will be needed for future projects that I have in mind but not yet started, but it's always good to add to the terrain stash.

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