Wednesday 26 October 2022


Firstly, I'm having problems with the blog, in that it wouldn't let me reply to comments or make comments on other blogs that I follow (which has been very frustrating!). Also it appears that comments made on blog posts haven't been showing up until several days from posting have passed. I've managed to change my settings to permit me to respond to comments made on my blog, so apologies to Aly and Jonathan for not accepting or replying sooner. But I still can't comment on other blogs. I haven't got the spare time to figure out what has happened and how to fix it this week, but I'm on annual leave next week so hopefully will be able to return to normality. The whole thing seems to have happened randomly, I'm quite perplexed to say the least.

On the wargaming front my reading list is getting ever longer and time more limited, but I've picked up the Osprey Combat series on Hunnic Warrior versus Late Roman Cavalryman. This will be my easy reading tomorrow, going from reviews and a quick flick through this looks a decent offering from Osprey. I've also got my hands on a copy of Wargaming Campaigns by Henry Hyde which I've has just arrived as I write this post. I'm really looking forward to  reading this latest offering as I thoroughly enjoyed The Wargaming Compendium, so much so that I have it on Kindle as well as hardback! 

Returning to the Huns, I bought this book as I'm working on a 15mm Hun army. Currently on the painting table are some 15mm Huns and Frankish foot and some 28mm Kushite/Nubian archers for the New Kingdom Egyptians. I need to get my basing table sorted out, so I can finish off flocking and tufting the Mycenaean Spearmen, and get them photographed and on the blog. I also plan to sort out my 28mm Wars of the Roses army and see what my options are for splitting and rebasing to get two small armies out, maybe for Lion Rampant. So break time in work this weekend will be mostly planning what to do hobby wise next week when I'm off.

Sunday 16 October 2022

What's been happening this week and The Other Partizan

League of Augsburg 

Last Sunday I attended The Other Partizan, the room was full of wonderful games and the show seemed well attended. On arrival a bacon bap was ordered and after consuming said bap the first circuit of the room was begun. I only took a few photos, not my usual number. I did spend time chatting to a few people but not as many as I would have liked as I felt a little under the weather, all symptoms associated   with a long term condition, which should be eased following my regular treatment tomorrow and energy boosting B12 injection due Wednesday. Brushes will be out with a vengeance then! Regarding The Other Partizan, The Shrewsbury Wargames Society, were very welcoming and as I live not too far away extended an open invitation to pop over for a game. Their game won best game at show with an alternative history to the outcome of 1066, featuring a clash between Normans and Vikings using Lion Rampant 2. I also had equally pleasant chats with Barry Hilton of the League of Augsburg who was present with another stunning display, and Ken of Yarkshire Gamer renown. There was a little "Get thee behind me" moment in the conversation with Barry Hilton as he touched upon future plans for the Warfare Miniatures range of figures, as if the Ottomans on display were not  temptation enough! Conversation with Ken left me with the impression that I should reconsider 10mm after discussing his stunning work with the Pendraken 10mm WSS range. I have dabbled slightly in 10mm but decided to park them as I found they were taking too long for me to paint, I think I need to be a little kinder to the scale and give myself time to adjust.  I managed a little light painting this week making a start on the 28mm New Kingdom Egyptians. The Yarkshire Gamer podcast was the background for my session, a thoroughly enjoyable wargames chat, and highly recommended to anyone who hasn't listened in yet. That brings us to the goodies from The Other Partizan. I've provided a new home for some unpainted 18mm Seven Years War figures and some 28mm New Kingdom Egyptian Archers from Colonel Bill, these were supplemented with a few more Seven Years War figures from Eureka Miniatures and the Blue Moon range sold by Old Glory UK, though the pickings were slim as their stock had been decimated prior to the show. A visit to Warbases completed the purchases, more bases, a bridge and a set of their new fields (I've been thinking DBA terrain and easy transportation to the club). 

Despite managing a little painting the week has mostly been one of rest.

League of Augsburg

I'm ashamed I can't remember

Strength and Honour Game

Warbases Fields with 15mm figures on 40mm x 20mm bases for scale

Friday 7 October 2022

Seven Years War return - Prussia's Glory


A recent acquisition is Prussia's Glory Rossbach and Luther 1757 by Christopher Duffy has focussed my attention on the Seven Years War. I've had a stockpile of 18mm Seven Years War figures from Eureka and Blue Moon languishing for years, additions to the lead pile have been made periodically, but with no overall plan finalised. I have to confess I'm not a planner, more of an impulse buyer. I've also been internally debating base sizes, as this will dictate to a degree unit sizes. Options under review have been 40mm frontage with 8 figures to a base or 30mm frontage with 6 figures to a base for foot. Cavalry units will be either 12 or 8 figures strong. In an ideal world the 40mm frontage would win, but I have had to be realistic and take into consideration a number of important factors, most notably cost and table size. I'm currently restricted to a maximum 6ft x 4ft table, and games need to conform to this reality. Larger games may be possible but will not be the norm. There is added bonus that less figures per unit means the armies will be game ready sooner. So, at the moment I'm leaning towards 30mm as a frontage per base. Artillery will have to be on 40mm frontage as I've mocked some up on a 30mm base and don't like the cramped look. Rules will be Maurice, and I don't feel having the artillery on a different frontage will matter as long as all armies are based the same. The armies that I'll be building are Prussian, Austrian and Russian.

I still intend to continue with the Bronze Age project, and will work these in alongside the Seven Years War and other projects I've started in 15mm, Late Rome and her enemies and the Italian Wars. In fact I've nearly finished my first starter army for Furioso, the French.

Some exciting news, well for me. I'll be attending The Other Partizan this Sunday, the first post covid outing. I'm really looking forward to seeing the great games on display and maybe making a few purchases.