Wednesday 29 October 2014

Queen's Rangers Hussars

Finished the Queen's Rangers Hussars by Perry Miniatures.

Just a small unit of 6 cavalry for Black Powder, will increase once I find the 'missing' figures (when I feel brave and can face a rummage through the lead pile).

Once again, really nice figures, paint up easily and quickly.

The figures are from packs AW27 Queen's Rangers Hussar command and AW28 Queen's Rangers Hussars, swords shouldered.

Friday 24 October 2014

Queen's Rangers Artillery

Finally finished the Queen's Rangers Artillery by Perry Miniatures. The tufts and flock are from MiniNatur, love these tufts.

Looking forward to seeing some action against the rebels.

Currently basing up the Queen's Rangers that are finished (photos soon), also painting the last 12 figures (skirmishers and Highlanders).

Thursday 23 October 2014

Queen's Rangers - Highlanders and Skirmishing Centre Company -Work in Progress

A quick update from the painting table, the final (for now) Queen's Rangers figures for the brigade are started (Highlanders and Centre Company skirmishing).

Early pics, it might just be possible to see the badge on the Highlanders hats, I have added this detail to the figures. There is as far as I know no historical basis for adding this to the figures, I did it simply to make them fit in with the rest of the Queen's Rangers Brigade (I hope it works).

The figures are once again Perry Miniatures.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Guilford Courthouse - Work In Progress

Just a few Work in Progress pictures of the Guilford Courthouse model from Grand Manner.
I picked up a Guilford Courthouse Collection at Salute this year, and I have finally got round to starting to paint the models. I thought I'd jump straight in with the Courthouse model, there is still a lot to do, and I'm working on it in between painting figures.
The Grand Manner models are as expected exceptional pieces, and I only hope that my final paint job will do them justice.
All paints used are from Wargames Foundry.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Queen's Rangers Artillery - Work In Progress

Some pictures of the Queen's Rangers Artillery. These are Work in Progress, the bases are nearly complete just need flocking and tufts adding. The figures have had their first coat of varnish (gloss), two more coats of matt varnish are to be applied. This is the part that I find takes the longest, as I have to wait 24 hours for each coat of varnish to dry before I can apply the next. in reality the basing usually takes me longer to complete (in days) than the actual painting of the figures (due to drying times between each stage).

The figures are Perry Miniatures, pack code AW124 Queen's Ranger 3 pdr and Amusette set. 3 pdr with 4 crew (including a RA sergeant) and an Amusette and Mantlet manned by 2 QR's.
Not sure yet how I'll use the Amusette in a game situation, but the model is too nice not to paint and use.

Friday 17 October 2014

AWI British Command

Been a bit of a hectic week, lots happening in the non hobby related world, but still managing to keep hobby matters on track (well sort of).

Finished the two command stands for my AWI British, looking forward to getting them on the table.
These are from Perry Miniatures pack code AW47  Mounted Officers. They were painted using Foundry Paints. The tufts used are from MiniNatur, I used a mix of packs and sizes. The bases used are mdf and from Warbases, 75mm and 50mm circles.

One set of command bases down...

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Casualty Markers

When playing Black Powder one thing that you need is a way to keep track of casualties.

Initially I used plastic counters then dice. However I found that the table was becoming cluttered and I picked the wrong dice up! It was then that I saw these counters from Warbases.

At first I made some for my AWI British, then rather than permanently fix a figure to base, I used magnetic basing to create a generic set of markers and just add the required casualty models for the army that I'm using (more examples later when I get my figures out of storage).

These examples have had the numbers painted in (easier than it looks to be honest) and then the surface finished with sand and painted and highlighted with Foundry Sand 10 (A, B and C). The casualty figures are from Front Rank Figurines.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Queen's Rangers - Grenadiers

Work continues on the Queen's Rangers Brigade, Grenadiers this time.
These need one more coat of matt varnish before the bases are completed.

Also working on the Artillery set at the moment, all painted and first coat of gloss varnish applied last night. Will post some pics of these WIP later.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Now for something a little different - 10mm Huns and a 28mm Viking Longboat

While wandering through the trade stands at Derby Wargames Show (fighting temptation), I saw The Baggage Train stand. Now I have to declare a personal interest here as the owner Stephen Oates is a member of my local wargames club Deeside Defenders, so I popped along to say hello and generally chew the fat.

Stephen has a boundless enthusiasm for the smaller scales, and sells a wonderful range of 10mm figures which should see some further additions this year.

I've always admired the skill of anyone who can sculpt wargames figures (all are very fine chaps in my humble opinion), and having watched Stephen sculpt a 10mm figure many years ago at the local wargames show Gauntlet, I was suitably impressed.

So conversation came found to some lovely new additions to his 10mm ranges, and Stephen very kindly gave me a bag of 10mm Heavy Hunnic Cavalry to have a go painting (photos below). I will post more as I attempt to do them justice. I must confess to being a little apprehensive about tackling 10mm, but we will see how I get on. The jury is out...

I also noticed that Stephen has released a very nice Viking Longboat in 28mm scale which would grace any SAGA table and is certainly worth checking out. I will be getting one myself (and am regularly kicking myself for not picking one up at Derby). I will post some pictures of the unpainted and painted version in the blog.

So I can recommend if you see The Baggage Train stand at a show it is well worth spending a few moments of your time to see what's on offer, passers-by may run the risk missing a genuine bargain...