Thursday, 2 October 2014

Queen's Rangers - WIP

Just a quick view from the table.

28mm Queen's Rangers from Perry Miniatures WIP.
As soon as I saw these figures I wanted them. It's taken sometime for me to get around to painting them. The artillery set is also on the paint table, primed and in the queue behind the Hussars.
They will form a small brigade for Black Powder. All figures are individually based on 20mm round bases, this is to allow me to field them in skirmish games as well.

Still a bit to do on these, hope to get them finished, first stage of basing and gloss varnish by the weekend. More photos will follow once complete.

First up - Hussars, I've had these sitting around in the lead pile for quite a while, and with the release of 'Rebellion' by Warlord Games, I decided to augment my AWI British forces with some Loyalist support. I think I have some more somewhere in hiding, but having just moved house everything is a little in disarray.

Just a snippet of some of the infantry, these are ready for the bases to be finished, and the final 2 coats of matt varnish to be added.

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