Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The great basing question.

I often feel how to base my painted miniatures is one of the most important decisions I will make.

Do I base to one particular rule set?
Do I base to match existing armies?
Multi base, single figures...and so times I simply cannot decide.

A couple of years ago I had the bright idea of doing the battle of Zorndorf (well at least part of it) in 10mm Pendraken miniatures, and after painting a couple of units I stopped because I couldn't decide on a way to base them up that I found both practical and attractive. I will find a solution but at the moment it's on hold.

As a consequence in the past my armies have been based, rebased, and left waiting to be based.

So I thought carefully about what type of games I like to play. This started another list, everything from skirmish to large scale battle.

The answer was clear once I picked up a copy of Black Powder - anything goes. So my figures will be based singly, multiple figures to a base (element) as I feel appropriate. Combined with movement trays I think I can cover most if not all of my gaming needs...

...and if not I just guess I'll have to paint some more figures.


  1. Great start!

    Superb paint job on the command figures.

  2. Thank you, more to come soon...