Tuesday 28 June 2022

Anglo-Zulu War Wagon

While I'm working on my Bronze Age project, I'll be adding posts from projects that I worked on while the Blog wasn't active. I've added quite a bit of stuff to my Anglo-Zulu War collection, and despite this it still isn't complete. The reason being is that this was always seen as a slow burner project, one that I'd continue to add to as games developed. 


This is the first wagon for the collection, and I decided to go with metal rather than the mdf offerings, purely because I preferred the look of the metal models at the time. The wagon model and oxen shown is the colonial supply wagon from 1st Corps and can be found listed under their Cape Frontier Wars range on their website. The crew are from Colonel Bills Wargames Depot found under their Depot Battalion section. I can thoroughly recommend having a look at Colonel Bills for some useful additions. The only minor issue I had was that it wasn't possible to fit the driver and passenger next to each other on the 1st Corps model, these miniatures are pictured sitting together on the mdf wagons that they sell. This wasn't an issue for me, as I quite like the look of the soldier lounging in the back of the empty wagon, maybe a certain Private Hook! I might look at adding mdf carts in future or see what other options are available for crew. 

Saturday 25 June 2022

The Graeae

It has been a slow week, recovering from been assaulted two days running on the ward and currently off with a mild concussion. As a consequence, no painting has been done, but I do have some figures to show that I'd painted after the last game of Mortal Gods

28mm Graeae from Wargames Foundry for games of Mortal Gods. I've had these figures in the lead pile for many years and thought they'd make suitable objective markers for games of Mortal Gods and Mortal Gods Mythic. The Perseus figure is part of the set as sold by Wargames Foundry

The Graeae are minor gods in Greek Mythology, probably most noted for their appearance in the myth of Perseus in his quest to find the location of three magic objects that could kill Medusa. They were the daughters of Phorcys, and Keto (sea gods) and their names were Enyo (Horror), Deino (Dread) and Pemphredo (Alarm).  The Graeae shared one tooth and an eye, which can be seen bring held out by one of the sisters. They were also sisters to the Gorgon Medusa, but not the other two Gorgons Theno and Euralys. More of the Gorgons in another post!

Source: https://www.greekmythology.com.htm

Saturday 18 June 2022

Mycenaean Javelinmen

Some 28mm Javelinmen based as skirmishers for my Mycenaean army. Figures are Wargames Foundry

A busy period at work has left me short of hobby time, and yesterday on one of my days off it was far too hot to paint. It's a lot cooler today so hopefully I'll get a chance to do something hobby related, either work on the Mycenaeans that are currently on the paint table or maybe dig out my Wars of The Roses army and look at reorganising and rebasing to suit the rules I'm currently playing.

Saturday 11 June 2022

Mycenaean Chariots


A main attraction of wargaming the Bronze Age is all the chariots that can be mustered, these are 28mm Mycenaean chariots from Wargames Foundry. These are the first three chariots for my Mycenaean army, I have another eight to assemble and paint for the Mycenaeans from a mix of Wargames Foundry, Newline Designs and Redoubt Enterprises.

I'm currently on the second batch of Newline Designs spearmen, once finished I'll base them up and post pictures. 


Saturday 4 June 2022

Mortal Gods - Game

Managed to get Mortal Gods onto the table with my youngest Tilly. It was her first game of Mortal Gods, so I kept it simple, didn't use the phalanx formation, and didn't choose gifts. Two Lochos were selected from the figures provided in the starter set, each composed as follows: 






Veteran Hoplite

The table was set, and Tilly was given the choice of side, a D6 was rolled, which I won, and we each placed an objective on the table. I placed mine on a Hill located on my left flank, and Tilly chose to place hers in the Temple (a wise choice as it happens, my attack on the Temple objective appeared to have offended the Gods and ill omens rained down on me as Tilly’s Lochos was clearly favoured with divine blessings). Unfortunately, we were unable to finish the game, but both were on course to seize an objective each. The game could have gone either way from then, but the dice and omens were starting to favour Tilly, maybe attacking a Temple isn't the wisest move!

The rules are straightforward and within a few turns we were pretty much into the flow of the game. On reflection I should have included the gifts and the phalanx formation. There are similarities with Test of Honour being from the same design stable. However, I found Mortal Gods to have a completely different feel, and there are enough differences in the game to make it a very different experience to Test of Honour. Additional flavour will be added by the phalanx rule and with the bestowing of gifts. I find that the Omens are a nice aspect and provide a little twist which we both enjoyed, despite Tilly being more favoured by the Gods than I! We are both looking forward to another game of Mortal Gods and having a bash at Mortal Gods Mythic once I get two forces painted. I also have Thracian and Persian forces to paint for Mortal Gods, which I think will add a nice change to the game, Tilly was especially interested in the Scythed Chariot of the Persians!

I didn't plan on a battle report, but rather took some photos during the game to send to Tilly, so I thought I'd include them here as a selection of moments from the game. 

Moments from the Game

Overhead view of game in progress

Tilly's Lochagos leading the
attack on my Hoplites

Defending the Hill Objective: my
Promachos and Sphendonetai
attempt to drive Tillys Hoplites back

My Sphendonetai sneak around the
vineyard to prepare a flank attack
on Tilly's Hoplites

My Veteran Hoplite leads the
attack on the Temple objective

Another view of the attack on the
Temple objective

First blood: Tilly's Lochagos kills one
Hoplite and drives them back

Veteran Hoplite kills the brave
Peltastes defending the Temple

Battle for the Hill objective

Hoplites drive off the Sphendonetai from the Hill objective, 
this felt like a temporary reprieve as Tilly had two units of Hoplites
preparing to assault the Hill

Another view of the attack on the
Temple objective, defending
Sphendonetai and Peltastes 
feeling exposed, Veteran Hoplite
and a unit of Hoplites
rushing out of shot to support
My Hoplites defending the Hill
objective take a casualty, things not 
looking good for the defenders

The relentless advance 
of Tilly's Lochagos

Another view of Tilly's attack
on the Hill  objective

Slingers breaking away from the Temple attack to support
the defence of the Hill objective