Sunday 6 September 2020

SAGA Magic Army

Eventually got my SAGA Magic force ready for action. The Warlord is the beautiful Freyja model mounted on the wild boar Hildisvini from Bad Squidoo Games as is my favourite piece the Norse Witch on Moose, as are the angry tree stumps which I will post better pictures at a later date. The Tree Herder is from Mantic Games. Some supernatural creature additions are from the Flint and Feather range by Crucible Crush, and finally the Satyrs, Brownies and Sprites were from Alien Dungeon originally for Fanticide

All flock and tufts on these models are from WWScenics, who do a superb range. 

Big moves afoot in the SAGA world, with the preorders open for the next universe: Hannibal, which includes SAGA Epic a way to play bigger games at 12-18 points, something a number of us in the local club are looking forward to. The Punic wars have always been an interest of mine, so I was excited at the announcement and place my preorder without delay. Currently I'm starting to rebase my Republican Roman army in anticipation of being able to play. If I did have one unfulfilled wish for a new SAGA universe it would be a Biblical setting, I'm quietly hoping that this is one that will be considered in the future. 

I addition to the new SAGA release, I've also been seduced by the latest offering from Too Fat Lardies that is Infamy Infamy. My Ancient British army is in the process of being rebased and having some minor running repairs made such as replacing the old white metal spears with wire ones. More will follow on both these new projects as they develop. It is unusual for me to have figures ready to go (well almost) for a  new set of rules. Also in the news of upcoming rules I noticed that there's a Crusades version of Lion Rampant on the cards, this is another one that has piqued my interest as it will fit in nicely with my existing plans. I have boxes of figures wanting for my attention to build SAGA warbands for the Crusades, and an Italo-Norman army, probably for Impetus which is another rule set I want to have a look at. So busy times ahead, hopefully I'll be able to get into a productive hobby mode once my dissertation and final assignment have been completed in the forthcoming months. 

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