Tuesday 17 December 2019

Baccus 6mm ECW: For King and Parliament

First post for a very long time, consequences of a heavy workload. For those that don't know me I've returned to university and am currently nearing the end of year 2, which has been an extremely busy year. I've not had time for any gaming since my last post, though I have managed a little painting by starting two armies for the English Civil War. There are a few additions that I'll add to another post, these will be commanded shotte, all pike and forlorn hopes and some buildings.

All the figures are Baccus 6mm and are based on 60mm x 30mm bases, with artillery on 30mm x 30mm, with some command on 25mm circular bases. These Baccus figures are absolutely stunning sculpts with lots of detail that careful brush can maximise, my painting is quick and basic but I'm very pleased with the results. These will provide forces for the Royalists and Parliament, and consist of 2 starter armies plus additional dragoons, generals, artillery and cavalry. Royalist cavalry are in Swedish formation represented by a single line, and Parliamentarian cavalry are in Dutch formation represented by two lines of troops. Rules will be For King and Parliament.

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Wednesday 24 July 2019

Sharp Practice 2 - First Game

Last night saw my first game of Sharp Practice 2, a French and Indian War clash of 50 points. I'm always late to party rules wise but have to mention that I was very impressed with SP2, extremely enjoyable... more of the same please! 

Pictures below show the main highlights of the French victory, aided by exceptional dice rolling on the French part and equally exceptionally bad luck with the dice on the British part. Once the Iroquois had killed the leader of the British Highland Light infantry it was only a matter of time before the leaderless remnant were wiped out. The French Regulars performed magnificently and with the support of the Canadien Milice halted the British Regulars advance, and with British Morale collapsing the game was concluded as a French Victory. 

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Iroquois rapidly advance on the British left
Canadien Milice move up in support of the Iroquois
Highland light infantry prepare to charge Iroquois warband
Iroquois prepare to receive the Highland charge!
Highlanders advance to the charge!
 Despite having advantages of tomahawks  in the charge, numbers and the dice gods conspired to deliver a crushing victory to the Iroquois in the ensuing fisticuffs
British regulars prepare to advance and present in preparation of delivering a withering fire into the Iroquois
Iroquois survive first fire from the British Regulars and advance to hunt down the survivors of the highland charge!
British Highlanders take up defensive positions in the face of the main French Regulars advance
French Regulars deliver a brutal first fire on the British Highlanders

Sunday 21 July 2019

French Indian War revisited...French Force

It's been a while since my last post, I just wanted to mention that the blog hasn't stopped, just stalled somewhat as I've had a busy year or so, which won't actually slow down but get busier fro the foreseeable future. The good news is that I'm managing to fit some regular gaming into the tight schedule, and have plans to post regularly on the blog. 

Upcoming posts will include amoungst other things Test of Honour, a new 6mm project (my first complete army in that particular scale), Wars of the Roses update, new French Indian War figures, some L'Art De La Guerre, SAGA Magic and a little side foray into Gangs of Rome with the Blood on the Aventine set that I received this Christmas.

First up is a French Indian War force that I've painted up for a game this week at my local club...my first game of Sharp Practice 2 as well, really looking forward to this, so better read the rules later...

The figures are AW Miniatures on movement trays from Warbases, the Indian movement base has been adapted by using circular inserts from Warbases so that I could accommodate different base sizes. The Commander bases have been assembled from inserts and smaller bases.

These should also get an outing in Muskets and Tomahawks.

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