Monday 16 March 2015

Cigar Box Battle Mat

Thought I'd share a new arrival. This Saturday a little brown box was delivered by a smiling postie (it wasn't raining and for once my wargaming purchases weren't heavy!). It contained a Cigar Box Battle Europe just fields battle mat (purchased in the UK from North Star Miniatures, who provide an excellent service for far too many of my wargaming needs). I'm very pleased with my purchase it is a nice quality and the edges are hemmed as well so should prove pretty durable. Haven't had a chance to set it up fully as the wargames room is currently buried under storage items to be sorted (not a satisfactory situation at all but one I have to endure for a short while longer). So I just set a small section up with a few figures (Queen's Rangers), fences and roads to get a quick impression of what it might look like fully laden.
The house is the Guilford Courthouse from Grand Manner (still a work in progress I'm afraid).
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Tuesday 10 March 2015

A Military Gentleman

In case you don't already own a copy of this wonderful book, there are still some available, I can highly recommend grabbing a copy while there is still time.

Go to A Military Gentleman BlogSpot for details.

Monday 9 March 2015

Terrain additions

Been a bit busy on eBay getting ready for the campaign season, picked up some additional terrain pieces to grace the table.

First up are some hand made snake fencing from treefella.1. I first encountered the Treefellas many years ago at a show (Sheffield I think), they produce some very nice pieces at reasonable prices, and as a bonus can be found on eBay (or not a bonus dependent on how your other half views such things). The figures are some Dixon ACW 28mm added for scale, these are from a batch that I was refurbishing from an eBay purchase many years ago (bit of a stalled project).

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Next up a ruined church, picked this up mainly for WW2 Bolt Action, but will also see service in ECW games, should make a nice observation point or somewhere to site a sniper.

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 Finally some telegraph poles, picked up 24 of these, will paint and add some basing effect, should look good on a Bolt Action table. Unfortunately I'm already one down, having taken a casualty to the puppy. Might do as a piece of battlefield damage.

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