Thursday, 28 May 2015

18th Century Civilians - what's in the box?

Long hours at work this week has conspired to drastically reduce my hobby time. I did however manage to paint and base up a couple of civilian figures from Minden Miniatures.
These are going to add a bit of character to my AWI games, and play an active part in some future Musket and Tomahawk games.

I have quite a few more civilian figures to paint up over the next few months from Minden Miniatures and Perry Miniatures.
What's in the box - muskets, tea ....?

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Monday, 25 May 2015


The first unit of 15mm Thureophoroi, miniatures are from Westwind Productions new War and Empire range (from pack WE-MH08).

Really nice to paint up, prepped some more to fit in around the 28mm stuff I'm painting. I will post more pictures once the basing has been done. The base size is 80mm x 40mm.

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

18th Century Workbench

Things have been very hectic work wise, so just a quick update from the workbench.

First up are some WSS French Dragoons, 28mm Front Rank Figurines. They are painted as La Reine Dragons, and will be based up to represent a squadron of dismounted dragoons. The first coat of gloss varnish has been applied, two coats of matt varnish to go before I can base them up.

 Next up are some Indians for either the French and Indian Wars or AWI. All varnished and ready for the finishing off of the basing. 28mm Perry Miniatures. Looking forward to adding these to my expanding forces of the crown.

Finally a sample of some finished WSS French Infantry, just need to paint the remainder of the battalion, then I can crack on with basing these up. 28mm Front Rank Figurines.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

15mm Successors

Firstly apologies for the poor quality pictures, taken in haste (but will hopefully convey my intentions).

After staring at some piles of lead (I decided to make a start on my 15mm Successor project). The figures are from the recent Westwind Productions Kickstarter (Forged in Battle, War and Empire Ancients), and I got enough to build two large Successor armies - Seleucid and Ptolemaic.

I am really pleased with these figures and if Ancients is your thing then I can recommend taking a look, they have recently been added to the web site, and I now believe have been officially released. I will see I can find some Essex figures and do a size comparison.

Faced with the prospect of painting all these figures (plus my other projects, I like to mix things up), I decided that I need a quick painting solution to get them on the table. So I set about testing one figure - a Thureophoroi from pack WE-MH08.
Basic speed painting was the order - so white undercoat, flat light colours, Army Painter Ink (Strong Tone), highlight shield, and metals - done. I think they'll pass muster en masse, and certainly better than left languishing in the box. Now the next challenge is to knock out a unit of 12, and then crack on. I'll fit these in around my 28mm painting as the mood takes me.

I intended to base them on Impetus size basing (roughly), and my rules of choice will be Hail Caesar.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Work In Progress

Been busy painting this week, all very much WIP as you will see.
Had a little tidy up, and this has shown that I really need to get to grips with painting up my Grand Manner buildings, and having another sort out of projects that have stalled, or never going to happen and list on EBay.

The pictures are of some AWI Indians (nearly finished), AWI dismounted 16th Light Dragoons, both 28mm Perry Miniatures.
My second unit of WSS French, 28mm Front Rank Miniatures.

So onto the WIP...
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