Saturday, 23 May 2015

18th Century Workbench

Things have been very hectic work wise, so just a quick update from the workbench.

First up are some WSS French Dragoons, 28mm Front Rank Figurines. They are painted as La Reine Dragons, and will be based up to represent a squadron of dismounted dragoons. The first coat of gloss varnish has been applied, two coats of matt varnish to go before I can base them up.

 Next up are some Indians for either the French and Indian Wars or AWI. All varnished and ready for the finishing off of the basing. 28mm Perry Miniatures. Looking forward to adding these to my expanding forces of the crown.

Finally a sample of some finished WSS French Infantry, just need to paint the remainder of the battalion, then I can crack on with basing these up. 28mm Front Rank Figurines.

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