Wednesday 18 November 2015

Concord strike first sighting

This post contains the Concord forces that I've managed to paint from the Gates of Antares starter set. All the drones are painted, just leaving 10 troopers and the two metal figures included in the set to complete.
I've decided to go with a gloss varnish. I do have some ideas on the final basing but I'm waiting to finish all the painting and then I'll do them as a batch.

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Monday 16 November 2015

Frostgrave Terrain

Still painting figures for Beyond the Gates of Antares, only 10 Concord infantry to complete the starter set, but it's looking likely that I'll be exceeding my 2 week target

In the meantime I've taken some pictures of the Frostgrave terrain that I've been working on.
The plastic wizard has been painted up and added to a sctach built platform, and snow effects added. The snow effect was created by mixing Bicarbonate of Soda with PVA glue and white paint, my first attempt at this, and pretty happy with the results.

The next piece of terrain is the blue crystals bought from Annie,  The Dice Bag Lady, more snow effect and a quick dry brush with white paint. Really pleased with these crystal bases and can highly recommend The Dice Bag Lady as a source for Frostgrave goodies and interesting add ons.

The final set of pictures are of the tress that I picked up off eBay, mdf bases, pva and sand finished with a dab of the snow effect.

I've added the MacBeth figure from Gripping Beast for scale.

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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Ghar have landed

Finished painting the Ghar that came with the Gates of Antares starter box. The bases are unfinished as I haven't decided on a style for overall basing of the Ghar and Concord troops as yet, once I've painted some Concord I'll have a better idea.

I've departed from the colour scheme on the painted examples in the book, and each of the Ghar have different markings on their heads. These models were easy to put together and fun to paint.

So, one week in and the first element from the box set painted, still on course for my 2 week target. I noticed that Warlord Games have started releasing how to play videos, these are a great idea and I'll be pointing the kids towards them so they can start to pick up the mechanisms for the game in preparation  for our first battle. 

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Monday 9 November 2015

English Civil War

While I'm painting the Gates of Antares figures, I thought I'd post some images of two units from my ECW collection. The first of these units incorporates a Pike unit that I bought off Ebay and was in sore need of reburbishment. Pikes were replaced, a wash with Army Painter strong tone ink was applied and quick higlights added. The rest of the unit was made up from new recruits. Flags are from the Bodys Banners range as sold by Redoubt Miniatures. 
I've always had a soft spot for the English Civil War, and have added to my collecction slowly over the years, sold part of it off (regrettably) and am now in the process of rebuilding. Once complete I will have forces for Parliament, Royalist, Scots Covenater and Montrose. 

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Thursday 5 November 2015

Gates of Antares

Pre-order box set for the Gates of Antares 'The Xilos Horizon', the much anticipated new offering from Warlord Games has landed.

The starter box set is great value, crammed with the high quality production that we've come to expect these days. First up I have to confess that I'm not much of a plastics fan, I tend to find the assembly process a bit of a chore, that said the quality of the plastic components in the starter set is exceptional and I have to suspend my beliefs particularly where the Ghar is concerned. These battle suited models are superb, and I found them enjoyable to build. So much so I will certainly be getting some more to see what I can do with them from a modelling perspective. All in all though the assembly process isn't too onerous as there are only 20 concord troopers, 6 Ghar and 4 drones that need building. This impatient painter can then get to work!

So, I have set myself a target of 2 weeks to get this starter set assembled and painted ready for battle.