Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ghar have landed

Finished painting the Ghar that came with the Gates of Antares starter box. The bases are unfinished as I haven't decided on a style for overall basing of the Ghar and Concord troops as yet, once I've painted some Concord I'll have a better idea.

I've departed from the colour scheme on the painted examples in the book, and each of the Ghar have different markings on their heads. These models were easy to put together and fun to paint.

So, one week in and the first element from the box set painted, still on course for my 2 week target. I noticed that Warlord Games have started releasing how to play videos, these are a great idea and I'll be pointing the kids towards them so they can start to pick up the mechanisms for the game in preparation  for our first battle. 

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