Friday 25 November 2022

Hobby Week

Hobby progress has slowed, waiting for an X-ray on my left hand and hoping it's not arthritis. New addition to my rules collection has been Xenos Rampant. I'm not a big Sci-fi gamer but now and then fancy an easy pick up game to use models that I've gathered over the years, mostly because I like them and fancied painting them. I plan to use figures from Gates of Antares, Bad Squidoo Games along with some All Quiet on the Martian Front drones, which will play the part of mechanical space aliens. It will also give me a chance to use the Tenfold Dungeon Facility that I got as part of the Kickstarter. The Facility is a really nice set, I'll take some pictures for a separate post. Gale Force 9 now market the Tenfold Dungeon sets, though as far as I'm aware the Facility hasn't been released. Sets are available from North Star Military Figures.

I've managed to paint up some 15mm Frankish warriors from Gladiator Games, not basing them yet as I want to paint up more from another manufacturer and mix them in. I've also started a 15mm English Hundred Years War army, and made a start on the 28mm New Kingdom Egyptians. Given the difficulty I'm having with my hands at the moment I'm focussing on painting rather than basing at the moment, albeit slower than I'd like. 

Monday 7 November 2022

Knights of Agincourt


Just received a nice little book on the Knights of Agincourt A Roll of Honour by Steve Archibald. This book starts with a synopsis of the battle of Agincourt and provides full colour references for the coats of arms of 159 English and 324 French Knights. I'm predominantly looking at building two smallish 15mm armies for this campaign so I'll be picking out some of the simpler heraldries. The back cover gives a good example of the content. The only downside is I'd have liked details on the individual knights, but this is being harsh.

Highly recommend as a useful source for those contemplating these armies.

Available from Amazon.