Friday 29 April 2016

Parliamentarian Horse - ECW

Some pictures of recently completed Parliamentarian Horse.

The miniatures are 28mm from Warlord Games, and the flags are from Wargames Designs.

The units pictured are Sir George Booth's Horse (red flag, with cavalryman, fringed black and yellow), Owen Cambridge of Philip Twistleton's Horse (white flag), William Sydenham's Horse (red flag, fringed red and white) and finally a unit of cuirassiers, Sir Arthur Hasselrigg's Lobsters (Green flag).

These 4 units are the start of my Parliamentarian cavalry, painted quickly from a brown undercoat, base colours, ink wash and then highlighted. I've grown to really like the Warlord Games plastic cavalry, easy to assemble and quick to paint up.

Definitely a bit of an ECW thing going on at the moment, I'm aiming to have starter armies for Parliament, Royalist, Covenanter and Scots Royalist ready soon. The initial forces will consist of a minimum of 3 regiments of foot, 2 cavalry, an artillery piece and command. Each will be expanded over time from this starter base.

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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Duke of Hamilton's Regiment - ECW

A second foot unit to add to my Covenanters, tbe Duke of Hamilton's foot. The figures are 28mm fom Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures. The flags are from Redoubt Enterprises listed under Body's Banners.

I've had these part painted and hanging around for a long time, so I thought with the purchase of a new set of ECW rules (The Kingdom is Ours), I would build a Covenanter and a Montrose Scots Tertio to add to my collection. I'll expand the forces from the Tertio base into bigger armies over time. A Tertio in the rules is 3 foot, 2 cavalry, an artillery piece and a commander (Montrose Scos have -1 unit). The unit below is built for Pike and Shot and 1644, but will be fielded with only 4 stands of muskets instead of 6 for The Kingdom is Ours.
I'll also be using the armies for Pike and Shot and 1644. Though I like the random element to The Kingdom is Ours as it seems well suited to solo play.

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Monday 18 April 2016

SALUTE 2016 - The Loot

I've been very restrained this year regarding my SALUTE purchases, partly due to the fact that I'm still working through last years haul and partly personal circumstances.

I was particularly keen to get my hands on two publications, firstly Glory, Hallelujah the ACW supplement from Warlord Games and The Kingdom is Ours, a set of ECW rules by Helion and Bicorne Miniatures. First impressions following a quick skim makes me feel I'll not be disappointed with either purchase.

Next came some 6mm French Napoleonic Infantry from Baccus Miniatures. These were bought as a sample pack to try out a bit of an idea I've been having for large 6mm units. I've already painted up 36 strips of 4 miniatures each and am playing around with these to see what size unit I'll finally settle upon. I'm aiming for the massed visual effect that 6mm can offer, I'm hoping I can achieve this, only time will tell. I will add though that I'm not sure yet how many strips to have to a unit...

Browsing on Paul Meekins book stand, I came across a book on the Swiss Civil War of 1847, by Ralph Weaver. I know absolutely nothing about this conflict and at the bargain price of £10 it was too good to leave. I'm already mulling over the idea that this may become a little project with the 42mm Shiny Toy Soldiers by Aly Morrison and sold by Spencer Smith Miniatures a chocolate box toy solider collection!

Finally, but not least I picked up two badges from Bad Squiddo Games for my daughters. I saw lots of wonderful stuff to add to my shopping list. To name a few it was more Shieldmaidens and WWII Russian  female soldiers from Bad Squiddo Games (aka The Dice Bag Lady, Annie). These little gems look even better in the 'flesh' and will be added to my next order. I saw some excellent terrain from S&A Scenics, especially their palm trees which are crying out to be added to the much desired Middle Eastern buildings from Adrian's Walls (Cross and Crescent SAGA is calling). All that without Crann Tara Miniatures amazing Jacobite Rebellion miniatures. Add all that to the spectacle that is SALUTE I think it fair to say inspiration overload indeed...

I would sum up from my impressions of the day that the hobby is strong, diverse and certainly vibrant. A broad church (not all of it of personal interest), but exciting to see nonetheless. A time where Wargamers are most certainly spoilt for choice ... long may it last.

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