Friday, 29 April 2016

Parliamentarian Horse - ECW

Some pictures of recently completed Parliamentarian Horse.

The miniatures are 28mm from Warlord Games, and the flags are from Wargames Designs.

The units pictured are Sir George Booth's Horse (red flag, with cavalryman, fringed black and yellow), Owen Cambridge of Philip Twistleton's Horse (white flag), William Sydenham's Horse (red flag, fringed red and white) and finally a unit of cuirassiers, Sir Arthur Hasselrigg's Lobsters (Green flag).

These 4 units are the start of my Parliamentarian cavalry, painted quickly from a brown undercoat, base colours, ink wash and then highlighted. I've grown to really like the Warlord Games plastic cavalry, easy to assemble and quick to paint up.

Definitely a bit of an ECW thing going on at the moment, I'm aiming to have starter armies for Parliament, Royalist, Covenanter and Scots Royalist ready soon. The initial forces will consist of a minimum of 3 regiments of foot, 2 cavalry, an artillery piece and command. Each will be expanded over time from this starter base.

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