Sunday, 17 April 2016

SALUTE 2016 - Show Pictures 1

Yesterday saw another Salute come and go. The day started early as I travelled down to London in the good company of my friend and wargaming compatriot Peter.

First impressions were that the queing system seemed better organised than last year and seemed to move quickly and smoothly. That is not meant as a criticism of last years event, far from it, more to recognise the hard work and effort to make the day as pleasant an experience for all by the South London Warlords. Organising an event of this size is no mean feat, and once again I am grateful and thankful to the Warlords for their outstanding effort.

Onto the show itself, the hall was full of traders, demonstration games, participation games, and workshops on various aspects of the hobby, painting, basing etc. Everything was well laid out with plenty of space to move around.

There will follow a series of posts of photographs from the show, where possible I will try and identify the game, hopefully correctly. I tried to photograph as many games as I could, but struggling with one crutch I know I missed many, that is no reflection on the quality of those games missed, but more an indictment of my lack of agility to return at a more opportune moment and take pictures.

First up a game that immediately caught my eye as I have a particular interest in the English Civil War was a ficticious event - What if the Earl of Essex had gone to Bristol?

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