Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Duke of Hamilton's Regiment - ECW

A second foot unit to add to my Covenanters, tbe Duke of Hamilton's foot. The figures are 28mm fom Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures. The flags are from Redoubt Enterprises listed under Body's Banners.

I've had these part painted and hanging around for a long time, so I thought with the purchase of a new set of ECW rules (The Kingdom is Ours), I would build a Covenanter and a Montrose Scots Tertio to add to my collection. I'll expand the forces from the Tertio base into bigger armies over time. A Tertio in the rules is 3 foot, 2 cavalry, an artillery piece and a commander (Montrose Scos have -1 unit). The unit below is built for Pike and Shot and 1644, but will be fielded with only 4 stands of muskets instead of 6 for The Kingdom is Ours.
I'll also be using the armies for Pike and Shot and 1644. Though I like the random element to The Kingdom is Ours as it seems well suited to solo play.

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