Sunday, 24 December 2017

Era of the Princes Rus



A little Christmas greeting and some pictures of my recently completed Era of the Princes Rus, 4 points for SAGA. I will be increasing this set to 6 points in the near future, the figures are purchased and in the queue. These are 28mm figures from Gripping Beast with Little Big Men Studios shields and banner. I will be posting a completed army in the New Year, yes I've actually completed an army, 15mm though, but for now I'll keep you waiting....especially as I'm not quite ready to reveal as my flags are in the post!

I hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable holiday period, and that Santa brings you parcels of lead and plastic to see you safely through the New Year.

Happy Gaming!

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Friday, 8 December 2017


Finally the Toy Story opponents for the Minions in the Battle of the Sand Box. I'll be adding a few more soldier units as the Minions have received some further reinforcements this week. I haven't yet decided on stats for Dragon Rampant, but will be along the lines of the Minion force, perhaps Woody, Bullseye and Jessie being Elite cavalry? Buzz will have Flying ability, of course....and maybe shooting with lasers?

Also photographed are some the terrain I've got ready, a part buried Pringles tube, and some children's wooden blocks, these were off eBay, but I've since seem some similar in the local supermarket going cheap. I'm also thinking of wandering terrain in the form of a discarded crisp packet roaming the battlefield, direction to be decided by D10 for distance and direction by scatter dice. 

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