Sunday 30 October 2016

French Dragoons

I'm back, hopefully the blog will return to normal following some minor technical and health issues.

Napoleonic French Dragoons, 28mm figures from Front Rank; these are part of a force that I'm building for Sharp Practice that is why there are only 8. The other 4 will be completed at some point so that they can be used for Black Powder as well.  The setting here is somewhere in Germany with a back drop of the lovely GrandManner buildings I painted up for my 1866 project. The Sharp Practice forces will be based on the Peninsula, and I've already painted some Spanish from Eagle Miniatures.

There should be a little to interest most over the next series of posts, coming up will be more 1866, Napoleonic's, WSS, and 15mm ancients.

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Sunday 9 October 2016

Sikh Wars British

Its been a while since my last post, a lot has been happening, but hopefully I'll be able to post regularly as I get some painting done. There is a it of a backlog on the basing table, and I've made a start on some GrandManner buildings for the Peninsula project, which has also expanded to included Spanish forces for Sharp Practice 2, but more of that another time.

Below are two of the Queens Regiments that I've painted for the Sikh Wars.
The figures are 1/72nd Newline Designs, flags are from the Virtual Armchair General. Both provide excellent customer service.

The units are, with the red or scarlet facings, the 53rd Regiment. Their battle honours at the time of the Sikh Wars included Nieuport, Tournay, St.Lucia, Peninsula, Talavera, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nive, Nivelle and Toulouse.
The unit with the yellow facing dis the 29th Regiment. Their battle honours at the time were, Ramilies, Peninsula, Roleia, Vimiera, Talavera and Albuera. The battle of Gujerat was the last occasion that the colours of the 29th were carried in action.

I chose these regiments as the first I painted because they both served during the first and second Sikh Wars.

Information taken from Armies of the 19th Century: The British in India 1825 to 1859 by John French., published by Foundry Books. This is an excellent book and worth searching out if you're interested in period covered.