Monday 27 February 2017

Royal Welch Fusiliers

A bit of a farewell post, not to the blog but to my AWI army. Decisions were made and they have marched off to pastures new, I will in fact be seeing them again hopefully as they have taken up new billets in a wargaming friends collection. It was when packing them up that I realised I hadn't posted pictures of my favourite regiment the Royal Welch Fusiliers, so this post is to correct that particular oversight. 

Figures are 28mm Front Rank Figurines and the flag was hand painted and the first I did for the AWI.

I will be returning to the AWI at some point in the not too distant future....

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Thursday 9 February 2017


A little, or not so little addition to my fantasy collection for Dragon Rampant. This is a Mountain Troll from the Harry Potter range that I picked up cheap on eBay as it's club was missing. I've added some detail with green stuff and Milliput, barrels are from Renedra, the club is part of a plastic tree with Milliput and cocktail sticks added, the millstone was scratch built and the chain was picked up off eBay. Shields, skeleton bits and banner were scavenged from my bits box. Finally my new Giant was based on a cd disc.

All in all I'm pleased with the end result, a proper Giant!

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Thursday 2 February 2017

Parthian Light Horse

While digging through my pile of unpainted and painted lead I cam across some old 15mm Essex Miniatures Parthians. I'd completely forgotten I still had them, as I thought they'd been lost in one of my numerous moves over the years. As it stands I have enough unpainted figures left to form the core of another army for To The Strongest.

Two units can be combined to form a Cantabrian circle, after basing these I was pleased to see that rules for a combined light unit for To The Strongest were reported on The Big Red Bat blog. 

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