Thursday 24 August 2017

WSS Prussian Generals

Some WSS Prussian Officers/Generals, 28mm figures from Ebor Miniatures.

This little addition enables my Prussian units to be fielded as a fighting force in their own right. I've lots of painting to catch up on with the WSS armies, and am determined to make a start on the Dutch next week. 

The indoctrination of the younger generation is coming along at a healthy pace, both love playing Dead Mans Hand, and are keen to try other games. I think we'll try out a little ACW game with Bonnie Blue Flag rules, nothing big just 4 infantry units and some artillery a side and see what they think. Things are also looking up on the regular gaming front as plans are in progress to start a local gaming club, all we need is numbers, then we can determine a suitable venue, but early signs are promising.

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Friday 18 August 2017

Old West Town

I've completed the Old West town I started as a side project. Most of the buildings have been scratch built, they have a cardboard box as the inner core and then simple balsa wood cladding outside. The small outhouse buildings were made from off cuts of balsa wood. These initial buildings were really cheap to make, only a few sheets of balsa and some glue. The bases are cork flooring tile, and all buildings were painted with a combination of 4 tester pots (dark brown, grey, ochre and cream) from a local DIY store. 

The remainder were mdf kits, the 4 complete buildings and the gallows were part of a set bought off eBay from TTCombat, these were painted to match the scratch built buildings. Then there is the building under construction from 4Ground, I wasn't going to attempt scratch building that one! 

There is a mix of gunfighters, all 28mm and from either Knuckleduster or Brigade Games. I have some Foundry models to paint for a little more variety.  

The rules of choice are Dead Mans Hand by Great Escape Games, and I've already had one game with my kids and they loved it, so a big thumbs up! Unfortunately my eldest has inherited my appalling luck at dice, the youngest not so ( a genuine contender for the name 'Dead-Eye'). 

The mat is felt and from S&A Scenics, who do some excellent hand made scenic items.

I think were going to have a lot of fun shootin' it out in Dodge. 

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Cyclopean War Beasts and Warband

Some further additions to my Cyclopean war band for Dragon Rampant, these are converted GW models that I picked up on eBay. Green stuff was used to add fur and the all important single eye. Below are pictures of the complete war band, well for now, I'll probably add a bit more...

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Friday 11 August 2017

WSS Prussian Artillery

Some artillery for my WSS Prussian force. These figures are 28mm Ebor Miniatures (the guns are supplied by Warfare Miniatures, and very nice they are too). 

At the rear of the artillery bases can be seen some individually based crew; these will be used (with some support) to man separate guns (once painted) that can be placed in fortifications. 

The next WSS figures will be more French and then a start on the Dutch contingent. 

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