Thursday, 24 August 2017

WSS Prussian Generals

Some WSS Prussian Officers/Generals, 28mm figures from Ebor Miniatures.

This little addition enables my Prussian units to be fielded as a fighting force in their own right. I've lots of painting to catch up on with the WSS armies, and am determined to make a start on the Dutch next week. 

The indoctrination of the younger generation is coming along at a healthy pace, both love playing Dead Mans Hand, and are keen to try other games. I think we'll try out a little ACW game with Bonnie Blue Flag rules, nothing big just 4 infantry units and some artillery a side and see what they think. Things are also looking up on the regular gaming front as plans are in progress to start a local gaming club, all we need is numbers, then we can determine a suitable venue, but early signs are promising.

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