Monday 13 August 2018

Grandmanner Building for Sale

I haven't been able to attend to my blog for sometime, this is due to returning to University, second time, same college!

As a result of a lack of space and a low bursary I'm having a clear out of my non essential wargames items. Currently on eBay are a the three Grandmanner buildings that I painted for my 1866 Project. They are the Lindenhau House, Holzhausen Thatched Cottage and Connewitz Single Story House, from their 28mm Napoleonic Era range.
I'll also be listing my 1866 figures in their entirety once I retrieve them for storage this afternoon.

Other items will include Anglo-Zulu War and other items as I work through the collection.

I'll be attending Partizan this Sunday 19th August if anyone would like me to deliver, or failing that just a chat.

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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Battlegroup Rules

Quite a lot has been happening in the real world lately, all good I may add. As a consequence my time to prepare material for the blog has reduced considerably. I am however, getting the opportunity to game regularly (never a bad thing) and am trying out lots of new rules systems. 

The latest game played was a 15mm WWII game using the Battlegroup rules. I took command of the American forces and my opponent was German; we were very fortunate to have an umpire which kept the game flowing as we were both new to the system. 

A disclaimer here: I'm not really a WWII gamer, and as a result my lack of tactical nouse and knowledge of the period was brutally exposed in the early rounds. However, I do have to say in my defence I managed to adapt to the challenges faced, although a little too late to be able to secure the objective; the game eventually ended up quite a close run thing, with a Germans victory.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and once I managed to grasp the nuances of placing units on reserve move, ambush etc, and coordinate my armour, artillery and infantry I actually started to see positive outcomes on the battlefield. Quite in contrast to the earlier rounds where I was taught a harsh lesson by a Tiger tank. I didn't quite managed to knock out the Tiger, though due to the fortuitous drawing of a breakdown token it was immobilised for the later stages of the game, and if it wasn't for some terrible dice throwing I might even have tamed the beast!

Due to my lack of WWII experience I don't feel able to comment on the historical accuracy of the game, however, from a WWII novice looking on from a purely gaming perspective I found the system fun and easy to grasp, and with my limited knowledge of the period rewarded historical play. Looking forward to more games of Battlegroup, and might even be tempted to get some Russians at some point in the future. 

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Wednesday 2 May 2018

Test of Honour

Apologies for my lengthy absence, I have not long moved and am stilling a slight state of flux hobby wise. 

I have however managed to keep gaming at the local club. The recent meeting saw a couple of games of Test of Honour from Warlord Games. We played a couple of 2 player games before a final 4 player bash. The pictures below are a mix from all the games. I'll add pictures of my own Test of Honour stuff once I can get everything set up. These were taken with my mobile phone. 

The overall impression with this game was a resounding positive with great fun being had by all. We also found that there was no slowing in pace for 4 player games, in fact added to the fun. I think this will become a firm favourite at the club, easy to set up, and easy for new players to pick up and get involved. I'd actually say a very good game for new starters to the hobby. 

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