Tuesday 30 August 2022

Newcastle Rifles and Buffalo Guard - Anglo-Zulu War

28mm Anglo-Zulu War cavalry representing Newcastles Rifles and the Buffalo Guard. The figures are from Empress Miniatures. Observant readers may notice a stray mounted and dismounted Natal Mounted Police figure, I'm unsure where his fellow officer is, likely misplaced in a box during packing for a move, this particular chap has also seen action, having lost his helmet spike. Just like the Mounted Infantry set there is a horse holder set included. The intention was to combine these with the Mounted infantry to form a cavalry detachment for a small game. I also have in the lead pile some Mounted Natal Native Horse to paint. The Anglo-Zulu War project has very much been a slow burner, with small additions being infrequently made, in fact I've only managed to paint one of the Rorkes Drift Buildings and the Zulu huts have remained untouched!


Wednesday 17 August 2022

Anglo-Zulu War Correspondent


War Correspondents were important in informing the public of the trials and tribulations of the ordinary soldier, failings of command as well the battles the occurred in the far distant parts of the empire. I've included this 28mm miniature set from Colonel Bills to represent a war correspondent in the Anglo-Zulu War, the intention is to provide a nice bit of table dressing or an objective. War photography was very much in its infancy during the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879,  most pictures are portraits of leaders and groups of soldiers pre and post conflict. Battlefield photography was rare and would have consisted of post battle shots of  the dead prior to burial, despite this I decided on including a cameraman to represent an Anglo-Zulu War correspondent for easy distinction on the table top, and because I liked the model. During the Anglo-Zulu War the war correspondent Archibald Forbes famously reported on the death of Louis Napoleon Prince Imperial of France, a story which reportedly caused more distress than the defeat at Isandlwana!

Source: Best, B. Archibald Forbes - War Correspondent https://www.anglozuluwar.com/images/Journal_6/J6f_Archibald_Forbes.pdf

Saturday 13 August 2022

Hobby News

I'm often late to the party and this can be illustrated by my finally getting my hands on a copy of Commands and Colours as a present for my Birthday. I've always wanted to play this system, so it was a very welcome present. I'm contemplating adding 6mm figures instead of the blocks. 

Also arrived yesterday hot off the press is Lion Rampant version 2, I'm also looking forward to giving this a got one of my friends is a keen fan of these rules. Arriving at the same time was a set of wargaming rules for knights at tournament, Steel and Steed, which I picked up for the princely sum of £1 from the Northstar bargain basement. I'm planning on doing this in 15mm as I have some figures in the lead pile I can use, it also fits into my club portable game remit and should fit on a 2ft x 2ft board; ideal for those winter nights when I don't want to carry much. 

I've also included a shot of painted figures being based, these include the Mycenaean spearmen and archers, some 15mm Italian Wars and some skeletons for Mortal Gods Mythic.