Monday, 9 March 2015

Terrain additions

Been a bit busy on eBay getting ready for the campaign season, picked up some additional terrain pieces to grace the table.

First up are some hand made snake fencing from treefella.1. I first encountered the Treefellas many years ago at a show (Sheffield I think), they produce some very nice pieces at reasonable prices, and as a bonus can be found on eBay (or not a bonus dependent on how your other half views such things). The figures are some Dixon ACW 28mm added for scale, these are from a batch that I was refurbishing from an eBay purchase many years ago (bit of a stalled project).

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Next up a ruined church, picked this up mainly for WW2 Bolt Action, but will also see service in ECW games, should make a nice observation point or somewhere to site a sniper.

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 Finally some telegraph poles, picked up 24 of these, will paint and add some basing effect, should look good on a Bolt Action table. Unfortunately I'm already one down, having taken a casualty to the puppy. Might do as a piece of battlefield damage.

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