Sunday, 19 October 2014

Queen's Rangers Artillery - Work In Progress

Some pictures of the Queen's Rangers Artillery. These are Work in Progress, the bases are nearly complete just need flocking and tufts adding. The figures have had their first coat of varnish (gloss), two more coats of matt varnish are to be applied. This is the part that I find takes the longest, as I have to wait 24 hours for each coat of varnish to dry before I can apply the next. in reality the basing usually takes me longer to complete (in days) than the actual painting of the figures (due to drying times between each stage).

The figures are Perry Miniatures, pack code AW124 Queen's Ranger 3 pdr and Amusette set. 3 pdr with 4 crew (including a RA sergeant) and an Amusette and Mantlet manned by 2 QR's.
Not sure yet how I'll use the Amusette in a game situation, but the model is too nice not to paint and use.

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