Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Derby purchases and some WIP photos

First the Derby goodies, Perry Miniatures AWI reinforcements. More Queens Rangers (skirmishing pack), and  Highlander flank company advancing at porte to form the Highland Company for the Queens Rangers. The rest are Hessians, musketeers, Generals, and artillery. Also some packs of 15/18mm Blue Moon Seven Years War Russians, I've already started on a couple of packs as there were originally 6 (taking advantage of the 5 for 6 offer from Old Glory UK).

Some shots below of the current work bench.

AWI Queens Hussars - Perry Miniatures

There are 6 painted in total, they will be individually based. First coat of gloss varnish has been applied.
Painted from a white undercoat, block colours, then a wash with Army Painter Strong Tone ink, and then highlighted. I prefer using the inks to the dip varnish, it allows me to work quicker on smaller batches of figures as I don't have to wait long for it to dry for the next stage. All colours used are Foundry Paints.
They will get two further coats of matt varnish before basing.

AWI British Officers - Perry Miniatures

Painted using the same technique as the Queens Rangers Hussars, they have now had their final two coats of matt varnish applied textured base done and painted and highlighted with Foundry Sand 10 (A, B and C). The next stage is to dress the bases with tufts and static grass etc...

Seven Years War Russian Musketeers -  Blue Moon Manufacturing

The start of a Seen Years War Russian army. I must confess to being very impressed with these little figures. The detail is excellent, and the castings are very clean. I will be basing them on 40mm x 30mm with 8 figures to a base as a 32 figure strong unit of 4 bases. This will enable me to play Black Powder or Maurice.

Queens Rangers - Perry Miniatures

First coat of matt varnish done, the flags will be by GMB Designs.

All Quiet on the Martian Front - Alien Dungeon

A Martian drone and Texas Militia infantry, Tanks v Tripods. I'm working through the first delivery from my Kickstarter pledge (it was a big box of goodies). This is a game that my eldest is very much wanting to play, so no pressure then to get a couple of starter forces ready. More on this project later....

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