Thursday, 9 October 2014

Now for something a little different - 10mm Huns and a 28mm Viking Longboat

While wandering through the trade stands at Derby Wargames Show (fighting temptation), I saw The Baggage Train stand. Now I have to declare a personal interest here as the owner Stephen Oates is a member of my local wargames club Deeside Defenders, so I popped along to say hello and generally chew the fat.

Stephen has a boundless enthusiasm for the smaller scales, and sells a wonderful range of 10mm figures which should see some further additions this year.

I've always admired the skill of anyone who can sculpt wargames figures (all are very fine chaps in my humble opinion), and having watched Stephen sculpt a 10mm figure many years ago at the local wargames show Gauntlet, I was suitably impressed.

So conversation came found to some lovely new additions to his 10mm ranges, and Stephen very kindly gave me a bag of 10mm Heavy Hunnic Cavalry to have a go painting (photos below). I will post more as I attempt to do them justice. I must confess to being a little apprehensive about tackling 10mm, but we will see how I get on. The jury is out...

I also noticed that Stephen has released a very nice Viking Longboat in 28mm scale which would grace any SAGA table and is certainly worth checking out. I will be getting one myself (and am regularly kicking myself for not picking one up at Derby). I will post some pictures of the unpainted and painted version in the blog.

So I can recommend if you see The Baggage Train stand at a show it is well worth spending a few moments of your time to see what's on offer, passers-by may run the risk missing a genuine bargain...

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