Friday, 18 September 2015

1866 Prussians

The start of my 1860s project. First up are the Prussians, 28mm figures from North Star 1866 range (though I'm not sure if these have returned to Helion Company, but they are available on the North Star site).

These are lovely figures to paint. A bit of a departure here, I've decided to go slightly Old School in my approach, painting is basic with no highlighting (except for faces and hands), gloss varnish and based individually (on 20mm bases). This will permit skirmish gaming (possibly using Sharp Practice and the amendments in the Too Fat Lardies 2010 Christmas Special)  and small games of Black Powder. The advantage of this approach to painting is that I can get units finished very quickly and following the 3ft rule I think they should pass muster. In addition I think that black that hasn't been highlighted looks better glossed rather than matt.
Importantly I'm determined to have less lead in the pile an more on the table.

The flags are from Victorian Steel, and are very nice (poceeds from sales go to Combat Stress) well worth a look to see if anything takes your fancy, the rules look pretty good as well (I've got a copy but have yet to try them out).

Initial Plans are -

Prussians - 4 units of 24 figures, 1 unit of 12 cavalry and 1 artillery piece.

At the moment I'm looking at possibly adding Saxons as well.

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2nd West Prussia

1st West Prussia

Movement Trays from Warbases (before and after)

 Prussian Commander


  1. Beautiful job on these beautiful uniforms!

    1. Thanks Phil, the figures are really lovely, I think it shows that even a basic paint job on nice sculpts can give decent results.