Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Help please - Coat colour 1864 Dane

It appears that I have made an error in the colour used for the overcoat on the previous post. The images I used looked dark blue, however I forgot to take my mild colour blindness into consideration as I felt confident I had got it right.
I would very much appreciate it if a kind reader could verify the colour of the over coat used by Danish infantry in 1864. I will then repainted the figure and update the palette used and add new pictures to the blog.


  1. I've been puzzling over this too. Looking at all the pictures I have got I am thinking a very dark grey.


    1. I really don't feel I can trust my eyes on very dark shades, I thought the hats and overcoats matched in the pictures I saw and guessed they were therefore the same colour (not very accurate I admit). Also one of the main reasons I use Foundry paints, no mixing!

    2. I started a discussion on the Miniatures page Seems like dark blue will be fine


    3. Excellent news, thanks for the update.

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