Thursday, 26 May 2016

ECW Scots Lancers

Scots lancers for my Covenanter army, 28mm Warlord Games miniatures, the flag is for the Browne regiment from the Body's Banners range from Redoubt Enterprises.

The Warlord Games lancers are nice figures, it's the usual plastic cavalry set plus 3 metal riders, lancer arms (enough to make 6 lancers), and some extras to add to the figures, bottles, pistols etc. I particularly like the extras that allow an additional pistol to be added to a boot, these Scots figures are certainly tooled up for a fight.

I replaced all the lances with metal spears from North Star Miniatures. Metal bonnets from Warlord Games were added to some figures, with hair being sculpted from green stuff as the bonnets don't fit perfectly. This was a simple enough and worthwhile thing to do. Bases are 50mm square, finished with MiniNatur flock, tufts and flowers.

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