Saturday, 8 April 2017

WSS British Artillery

A little something for the weekend. British artillery for my WSS collection, Figures are 28mm Front Rank Figurines.

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  1. I'm impressed....and a little envious....with the consistent finish you achieve,these are complex uniforms to paint. I'd really like to know what yellow you're using here?, I've tried a lot and they either appear very patchy or have a" neon" finish when dry.... nice basing as well by the way.

    1. Thanks Mike, I've been painting a long time, and it's all down to paint, paint, paint. The yellow on these is Foundry Yellow, if I recall I only used the base and mid coat on these. Thanks for your comment about the basing, it's filler, then PVA and sand; dirty brown wash (any diluted brown paint) then Foundry Sand triad dry brush to finish. I really need to add flock and tufts etc, but I'm a little lazy and slow at the doing the finishing touches...