Wednesday, 12 November 2014

SAGA Scots

Still working on the Queen's Rangers, spare time has been short recently but I managed a little painting earlier today and I'm hoping to finish them tonight. I will post some pics up before I varnish and base, then will add final pics once done.

Below are some pictures of my 4pt Scots Warband for SAGA. Already seen action and died heroically (at least in my eyes), which roughly translates into 'got slaughtered'! Still fun was had by all.
Hoping to get them in action again soon. I've only managed a few games of SAGA, but the system is very easy to pick up and games are tremendous fun.

At Salute this year I did pick up the MacBeth figure to replace my existing warlord (Kenny MacLuckless) but I still haven't managed to locate him since the house move. Once found he will be painted up and will be ready to change my luck.

The figures are 28mm from Gripping Beast. Painted quick style, with Foundry Paints. Shields are hand painted.
They will be getting a couple of coats of matt varnish once I can get a chance (the weather is okay for spraying).

I've also got a 4pt Welsh Warband to paint up, as well as little project I was working on (before we moved) for some SAGA terrain (more of that when I get some space organised to continue the build).

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