Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Plan - Draft 1

Apologies for the quiet spell over the last week. Events have conspired against me to the extent that I haven't got anything ready to photograph. Early last week I took a slight fall and bump to the head (so nothing serious) that resulted in a bit of a stay in Accident and Emergency at my local hospital, all the staff were marvellous (well at least for the bits I can remember).

As a result I haven't managed to get anything done hobby wise, but I thought I might post where I'm up to, and my rough plans (as far as I can tell).

28mm AWI

Currently being varnished are the last (for now) of the Queen's Rangers, managed to apply the first coat of gloss varnish tonight, so all being well I hope to have these based and up on the blog at the end of the week.
Next up for AWI will be a unit of 24 Hessian Grenadiers, models are cleaned up, just waiting for some old paint pots to be freed up to mount them on for painting.
Once I've finished the Hessian Grenadiers, I have a unit of Hessian Musketeers and some artillery to paint, and I think some skirmishers.
I hope to complete the painting on the Grand Manner model of Guilford Courthouse before Christmas (this might be a bit optimistic but that's the plan at the moment).

18mm Seven Years War

At the same time I'm also varnishing some more 18mm Seven Years War Russians. There has been a slight change of plans here as originally I was planning on each unit being 4 stands of 8 figures, after playing around with bases, and economics (number of figures) I have decided to go with 4 stands of 6, giving units of 24 figures. Basing will still be for Maurice and Black Powder, but the reduction in figures means that I will complete a playable force sooner and for a lower cost (both of which means I can move onto the Prussians quicker). A minor compromise, but it does have it's benefits.
I've also started a unit of 12 Dragoons, will post some pictures once I've something tangible to show.
After that I'll just grab a unit out of the box as the fancy takes me.

28mm War of Spanish Succession

WSS French army, these are the superb 28mm Front Rank Figurines. I have completed one battalion of the Regiment Navarre, and will post up some pictures soon. I have big plans for the War of Spanish Succession; one of the reasons that I'm collecting the Seven Years War in a smaller scale.

18mm All Quiet on the Martian Front

Still waiting for the remainder of the Kickstarter to be delivered. At the moment working on a Grenadier model for the Martians and some steam tanks and infantry for the American forces.

Other projects - ongoing...

I tend to add units as the fancy takes me to existing armies, one such army currently getting some love is my Early Achaemenid Persian. I will post up some photos at some point.

Other periods/armies - various ancients 28mm and 15mm (waiting for the new Forged in Battle Kickstarter from Westwind, looking forward to these miniatures). Strangely I've become attracted to the smaller scales again recently, will see if my eyes agree!
My ongoing ECW collection, will be expanded on a regular basis, plan to cover forces to represent Royalists, Parliament, Covenanters and Montrose Scots ( I've always liked the ECW as a period).

More that I've not mentioned, but they might make a surprise appearance.

So there it is a very rough plan, and as we all know, no plan survives contact with the enemy...

Might even manage some gaming as well before Christmas, but my wargaming space is currently needing setting up properly.

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