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Queen's Rangers 1st American

My initial attraction to the Queen's Rangers was the excellent range of figures from Perry Miniatures.

I wanted to add something a bit different to my 'Redcoats' and the addition of distinct green uniforms, as well as Highlanders, Grenadiers and Hussars in the Queen's Rangers gave me what I was looking for - all in all a nice brigade to supplement my existing AWI British forces for Black Powder.
Also by basing the figures individually I can use them for Muskets and Tomahawks or Donnybrook.

The whole Queen's Rangers Brigade
(More photos below)

48 infantry (12 skirmishes, 6 Grenadiers, 6 Highlanders, 24 centre company), 6 Hussars, 3pdr and Amusette. Still a little work to do on the last bases (some flock and tufts) and some blanks to make for the movement tray.

A very brief background history of the Queen's Rangers

Their origins lie in the French and Indian War (1756 - 1763) when they were raised by Robert Rogers.

When the American War of Independence broke out in 1775, Robert Rogers once again raised men from Loyalist communities and the new regiment was named in honour of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III. The crescent moon which adorns their headgear is a symbol of Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt.

The regiment under the command of Major James Wemyss distinguished itself at the Battle of Brandywine on 11th September 1777 where they formed the advance guard of von Knyphausen's division taking heavy causalities (2 thirds of the officers and roughly a third of other ranks), many sustained when attacking entrenched American positions.

On the 15th October 1777 command of the regiment was given to Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe and proved themselves to be one of the most successful regiments in the British Army. Serving in  Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania campaign, and formed the rear guard for the retreat to New York. They were active until their surrender at Yorktown.


August 1776 - Robert Rogers

May 1777 - Christopher French

August 1777 - James Wemyss

October 1777 - John Graves Simcoe


28 October 1776 - White Plains, NY.

11 September 1777 - Brandywine, PA.

4 October 1777 - Germantown, PA.

8 April 1778 - Smithfield, PA.

28 June 1778 - Monmouth, NJ.

28 September 1778 - Old Tappan, NJ (also known as Baylor Massacre).

5 August 1779 - New Rochelle, NJ.

26 October 1779 - Raritan, Somerset and Brunswick, NJ.

15-16 Jan 1780 - Staten Island.

20 March  - 11 May 1780 - Siege and capture of Charlestown, SC.

16 April 1780 - Hooper's Town, NJ.

23 June 1780 - Springfield, NJ.

26 June 1780 - Spencer's Ordinary, VA.

6 - 19 October 1781 - Yorktown

If anyone has a particular interest in the Loyalist forces of the American War of Independence I can recommend taking a look at the On-line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies which contains a wealth of information on battles, regiments and biographical sketches.

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