Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Current Work Bench and the Christmas Run

A lot longer since my last post than I intended as a consequence of 2 further visits to A&E for a severe allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock (cause unknown). Following a little experimentation (licking my paint brushes) I can rule out that it's not my hobby paints, so apart from that will have to wait for the relevant tests.

Onto hobby matters; as expected the pace has been a little slower than anticipated, though I have managed to make a little progress.

Firstly I've done a bit more work on the Guilford Courthouse model by Grand Manner, this is taking longer than I thought it would and I only hope that I can do it justice. A picture of my 'progress' posted below.

I've also managed to paint 12 Dragoons for my Seven Years War Russian army, these are 18mm Eureka Miniatures. They are ready for varnishing, I've included a quick picture below, more will be added once they are based.

Next up, I've started 6 Hessian Grenadiers for Regiment von Rall; these are 28mm Perry Miniatures. I've only decided to do 6 at this time as it is close to Christmas and I'd rather achieve something than lose momentum. Usually I would work on 12 models at a time when the unit is 24 figures.

Hopefully I will have plenty more updates over the next few weeks, including some of my existing AWI British collection.

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