Thursday, 18 December 2014

Azovski Regiment

The first regiment of my Seven Years War Russian army completed, the Azovski Regiment, 18mm figures from Blue Moon Miniatures, flags are by Maverick Models.
I've still to decide on how to finish the bases off, probably have to buy some more basing material.

These are based on 40mm x 30mm bases from Warbases. The intention is to have the whole army based so that I can play Maurice or Black Powder.

If you haven't already tried Maverick Models (, they offer a wide range of flags and an excellent service, the flags can be resized and come in a variety of materials ranging from paper, adhesive paper and material; as well as plain or effect print as a finish. The flags I chose for my Seven Years War Russians are plain print on paper. The quality of the paper is excellent and all the flags are identified individually. I have previously bought material flags, I will be posting the start of my WSS French soon. The service is fast and friendly, highly recommended.

Next up will be a Russian Dragoons, currently being varnished, and based.

As always click on photos to enlarge.

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