Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Navarre Regiment - WSS French

The first battalion of my WSS French army are the Navarre Regiment.
Figures are 28mm Front Rank, flags are by Maverick Models.

There were 3 battalions of the Navarre Regiment at the battle of Blenheim. They were part of the French right wing in the first line of the defence of the village of Blenheim under the Marquis de Clerambault. After the battle they were reputed to have burnt their colours and smashed their drums rather than have them fall into the hands of their enemies. For the remainder of the war they only carried the staff with no colours, however as most wargamers I want flags and lots of them. Maybe in time if I refight post Blenheim engagements, I might model some command stands without flags.

I will be modelling the 3 battalions for the Navarre Regiment in due course.
Figures are based for use with Beneath the Lilly Banners and will also be used for Black Powder.
I really enjoy painting Front Rank figurines, and have deliberately chosen to use 'large' flags for the battalions a la League of Augsburg as I think they look particularly striking on the table top.

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  1. Hi Meic, I like these...keep them coming and one day we can put a game on @ the Derby show or somewhere.

  2. Hi Ray,

    Good to hear from you and glad you like them, 2 more battalions of Navarre to come, plus loads more WSS French. Setting up a game in the future sounds great.