Monday, 29 June 2015

Greek Hoplite Casualties

I think this counts as a declaration of war!

I've fished out some Greek Hoplite casualty markers for my opponent to use if he wants, I'm sure he'll need them!

I do have some Persian casualty figures to paint up, unfortunately they are unlikely to be ready in time for the game.

The figures are Vendel Miniatures, now sold as 28mm Bloody Day Miniatures available from Sgt Major Miniatures in the US. They also have some very nice Achaemenid Persians in their range. The figures are on the larger size but I think they're fine in their own units. The markers are from Warbases in the UK.

The second set of markers are simply some hoplite shield transfers (from Victrix Miniatures I think), on 20mm and 25mm circular bases.
The 20mm size = 1 casualty, 25mm 2 causalities.

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