Monday, 8 June 2015

Achaemenid Persian Infantry

A slight diversion, the Great King has been challenged by the upstart inhabitants of Greece.

In order to raise an army for the impending invasion I bought some painted figures off eBay and have added some finishing touches.

The middle figure is the original eBay purchase, the two flanking figures are the finished figures ready for basing. I have enough to provide 2 more units for my Early Achaemenid Persian army for Hail Caesar.

I'm also urgently painting up some commanders.

More pictures as the Persian hordes assemble for invasion.

The figures are Miniature Design Studio.

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  1. Nice looking shields and clothes!

  2. Thanks Phil, very much inspired by BigRedBat in refurbishing eBay purchases, it certainly helps get some troops on the table a little quicker.