Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lord Brooke's Regiment

Another addition to my ECW forces, this time some recruits for the Parliamentarian cause the Lord Brooke's Regiment. Although the regiment was short lived in terms of the English Civil War as a whole, I simply cannot resist the lure to add the only purple coated regiment from the conflict to my to my collection.

The figures were an eBay find that have been given a refurbishment. Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the before condition, something I all too frequently forget to do in my eagerness to get started. I believe the figures are Bicorne and Renegade miniatures.
First I replaced all the pikes and changed the position of the figures on one base, then gave all the figures a wash with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink. (All was done with the figures based). Once dry I picked out some highlights, concentrating on hands, faces and coats. Then it was simple enough to match the finish on the bases to my existing collection and add some new flags, this time from Wargames Designs. This was a very quick way to add much needed reinforcements to my Parliamentarians.

Those of you who are interested in the history of this unique regiment I've included a link below -

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