Wednesday, 2 March 2016

ACW Confederate 6th Alabama Regiment

Another Unit for my fledgling Confederate army. 28mm Sash and Sabre Miniatures, bearing the colours of the 6th Alabama regiment, a lovely cloth flag from Maverick Models.

I've had a long standing interest in the Ametican Civil War, previously owning a 15mm Essex Miniatures Union army, though we parted company many years ago. Having collected Union previously I fancied a change and so started on Confederates in 28mm. I also noticed that the 19th Century is getting a lot of attention on my painting schedule at the moment, so I thought I might as well consider adding Union forces as well, the collector coming out, so I'm mulling over the various choices for my Union forces, but the front runner seems to be Perry Miniatures metals and plastics at the moment.

In addition I have also managed to obtain a copy of the Longstreet rules and card set, so I'll have three rules sets to try out once I've raised enough troops. I couldn't resist getting a copy as they are named after my favourite commander of the war, so probably fate has had a hand in my choices once again.

Still on the 19th Century theme, I am excited about the expansion to the NorthStar 1864 Danes. I haven't bought any of these figures yet, but plan a sizeable purchase this year once the new figures are released. There are also some lovely Saxon infantry for the Franco-Prussian War from Steve Barber Models, I'll certainly be adding some of these at some point as well, the Grenadiers look great. What I'd really like to see from a 19th Century perspective though is a range covering the First Schleswig War.

For those not that interested in the 19th Century posts I'll also be endeavouring over the next few months to add some Fantasy, ECW, Ancients and of course a good dose of 18th Century (which is my main period of interest).

All of that and looking forward and planning for Salute!

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