Friday, 3 June 2016

Carts, Wagons, and a Limber.

These have been hanging around part done with very little needed to finish them off, so I set to and below are the results. I have lots of pieces I'm working on, as I've previously touched upon I tend to aim to paint a little every day and do whatever takes my fancy. I've found for me at least it to be the most productive approach. In reality what it means is I never get bored.

So onto the miniatures, all are 28mm.
First up is a limber and artillery piece from Wargames Foundry's ECW range, followed by a tumbril and powder cart from Perry Miniatures AWI range, and finally two ammunition wagons from Front Rank Figurines 18th Century Equipment. The Front Rank miniatures also have options of a wicker or wooden cover for the wagons.

All nice pieces to work on and easy to assemble. I have some old Reboubt Enterprise carts that I need to rebase, once done I'll post up pictures. Together these will provide supply columns in various scenarios, and add a little  interest to the table top for large battles.

Civilians will be painted up and based separately.

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  1. Glad to look at this kind of unit, beautiful job!

    1. Thanks Phil, they were a joy to paint.