Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Martian Tripods - Invasion Earth!

Lots of Martian Tripods have been spotted.

I finally dug these out and decided to get them painted and played with as soon as possible. My earlier tripods have been repainted and are included in the Martian forces below. I decided that the finish was too dark and I've gone for a lighter shinier look and I'm happy with the results. Small areas have been gloss varnished for effect; the eye, parts of the ray gun and the spheres of green gas.

The set consists of two groups of three Assault tripods, each with Green Gas and Black Dust weapons. In support are six scout tripods.

These are all for use with All Quiet on the Martian Front rules.

The good news is that these models will become available once again with the Robot Peanut inventory and IP being acquired by a company in the US called Ironclad Games. These really are lovely kits and I'm looking forward to seeing how the game develops in the future...

There will be more things Martian appearing soon.....

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