Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Painting World

A bit of a different post, I thought I'd share my current workstation. This is my main painting area, I also have an area set aside for basing. As you can see I haven't had a tidy up for a while, and it's long overdue!

Unlike most posts, which can be several weeks behind actual output (similar to most bloggers I have a several posts written in advance); I thought I'd show something in real time, well from Monday actually. On the bench are various reference sheets, WSS cavalry in this instance (British and Prussian). 

In various stages of painting are 12 Seven Years War Prussian Dragoons (Front Rank), 24 WSS Prussian Dragoons (Ebor Miniatures), 18 WSS Prussian Foot (Ebor Miniatures) and 18 WSS British Foot (Front Rank). These are my intended target for this week and were started on Sunday. This is actually a very good week for me, and I hope to meet my target as I'm finding the Ebor cavalry quicker to paint than the Front Rank; and I've been feeling pretty motivated in the evenings when I get home. 

Also present are 24 Seven Years War Prussian Foot (18mm Blue Moon), ECW limber and gun (Foundry) and my paint brush holder at the moment is a GrandManner Spanish Windmill that I really should finish, just need to find a suitable jar for the brushes. Also lurking is another GrandManner Spanish building, and behind the WSS British cavalry reference material (Lumley, just finished) are 12 Mounted and 12 dismounted ECW Dragoons (Warlord Games).  Out of shot are some 28mm WWII American vehicles that I've painted and need to add decals to and varnish. These pieces are my rolling work in progress, I'll do bits and pieces as I'm waiting for something else to dry, which will probably be WSS related at the moment. I also keep old blister packs handy for dispensing paint and varnish onto as temporary palettes. 

It's worth mentioning that although I've set myself a steep goal for this week, the rolling stock may sit untouched for some months, waiting for patiently for attention. It might seem very busy, but I've found that this approach gives me plenty to work on, and even if I only have a spare half hour there's always something I can do, and I never get bored (if I don't fancy painting WSS, I'll paint ECW....).

I'm itching to paint start my Crimean War lead pile, and some new warbands for SAGA.

So, a little insight into my painting world... 

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