Friday, 26 May 2017

Regiment Kronprintz

More WSS Prussians, this time a battalion from the Regiment Kronprintz. The figures are 28mm from Ebor Miniatures and the flags are from Maverick Models.

On another topic I was fortunate to be able to make Partizan last Sunday (no photos, sorry, poorly planned on my part). It was the first time I have attended the Partizan show and it was excellent, very friendly, great games on show, the lighting was superb and the food was good to boot, nothing to dislike; highly recommended.

One the Saturday before I was invited to a friends house for an AWI battle, based on Guilford Courthouse using Honours of War. The game was fun and fast paced, and although I wasn't wholly convinced that HOW worked as is for the AWI (some tweeks needed, but nothing major), I really liked the rule set and am looking forward to using them to play many Seven Years War battles, and will be having another go at the AWI with them as well. It has also spurred me on to rebuilding my AWI forces, so with that in mind I made a few appropriate purchases from the Perry Miniatures range, these will I'm sure be making an appearance on the pages of this blog.

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