Saturday, 22 July 2017

Bavarian Infantry 1866

A small addition to my 1866 project, this time some Bavarian infantry. The figures are 28mm from Wargames Foundry, and the flags are from Victorian Steel. The painting style is in keeping with the rest of the 1866 collection, basic colours and gloss varnish. This set will give me 3 units of 16 figures. 

I'm not sure where the 1866 project will go from here; at the moment I have painted everything (a rare occurrence); I do know that there will be more at some point, just not sure when and what exactly it will be.....a watch this space I think?

Things on the go at the moment include Crimean War Russians, and some Western Gunfighters that I'm painting up to go with a small scratch built Old West Town which resulted from a single text about a possible game (I didn't have any stuff at all, but I'm easily persuaded so quickly built the required set) - pictures will posted to this blog in the near future. The game of choice will be Dead Mans Hand by Great Escape Games (rules currently in the post!). 

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  1. Through the periods, Bavarians always had a splendid uniform imho, and you did a great job on them, well done!

    1. Thanks Phil, I know what you mean about Bavarians, lovely uniform, there will definitely be a contingent for the WSS collection.